Mastermind - Secrets from the Black Chair

The Mastermind Black ChairAs an avid enthusiast of the TV Quiz Show, some years ago I dared to take part in BBC’s most challenging programme...Mastermind

During my talk you will learn about the programme’s origins; extraordinary tales from behind the scenes, about some of the contestants and specially about Magnus Magnusson...television’s most dreaded inquisitor!

I shall also confide in you my thoughts about appearing with Bob Monkhouse on Central Television’s $64,000 Question; sharing the stage with Liza Goddard during a Bruce Forsyth spectacular and facing William G Stewart on 15 to 1.  Why do I do it? How did I fare?  What were my specialised subjects?

Discover all in my talk Mastermind - Secrets from the Black Chair!

Mastermind Facts

  • Mastermind was the idea of a BBC producer who had been interrogated during World War Two.
  • Mastermind was broadcast on BBC TV for twenty-six consecutive years. It was then shelved for five years, before being revived on BBC2 with John Humphrys as question master and it remains one of the most popular, and most challenging, quiz programmes on British television.
  • Some very odd special subjects have been suggested by contestants, only to be rejected by the BBC.
  • The most famous winner of the Champion’s glass bowl was Fred Housego, a taxidriver.
  • One contestant appeared for a second time illegally under a different name - and her first round win was promptly disallowed by the BBC!
  • Yes! the Chair is extremely comfortable, thank you.